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Do you have a Family Bible.  Chances are that yes you do.  You probably have some old King James Bible that was either given to you as a gift or perhaps was handed down from generation to generation.  Wonderful old Bibles aren't they.  Do you ever wish to have a more personalize Bible.  A Bible that was created with just you in mind. Or just with the Grandparents in mind. 

That is what I wanted. I wanted to create a legacy for my children.  I knew that my father in-law loved to study his Bible. I also knew that my children and the other grandchildren would love to read his notes on his relationship with God.  What a thing to give him.  A Bible created with just him in mind.  It had a huge font so he could read it.  Fairly wide margins so that he could write in it and to cap it all off.  It has about 80 pictures of his own children and grandchildren.  What a gift for him to use in his Bible study. 

It turns out that after I created one for him. I got to thinking that I wanted one as well.  One with just my children in it.  So that was the 2nd Bible I laid out and put together.  Then I got to thinking.  I am a programmer. I could write a program that would lay a Bible like this out for anyone.  All they would have to do is come to a website.  Upload a bunch of pictures they want in the Bible and then select the color they want for the Bible and wait about a month and there it would be. 

Well here we are.  I have written the program.  It takes your selections.  Your pictures and creates a Bible just for who you have in mind.  It takes awhile to process.  The Bible is just shy of a million words.  So thus it takes about 10 days for printing alone.  Then we try to save some money with shipping costs and elsewhere so you get the Bible in about a month.  But hopefully it is something you can hand down in the family for generations to come. 

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