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Hello, my name is Rod Bergren

Who am Who am I?  I am a geek/programmer/webmaster/manager for the bestest company.  I write applications for Web Services and Windows.  I also do on the side contract programming as my time allows (which is not very much).


Sunday, August 23, 2015

Lawsuits, Opinion Polls and Common Sense oh my!

so on whotv's website today.  Headline says.  Bedbug problem still exists despite lawsuit.  hmmm, I didn't know lawsuits solved problems.  So people remember this. 

Lawsuits do not solve problems.  They only point out where problems might exist.  You will notice I said might.  I didn't say does exist.   Think about that for abit. 

Opinion Polls do not mean anything except for in the actual vote.  So when people are asked if they believe global warming exists.  How they answer has absolutely no impact on whether global warming is happening or not

Asking hollywood for their opinion is actually worse than either of the above.

The truth is out there.  But you must search for it.  Guess what.  CNN, FOX, AP etc… have no idea what the truth is.  And they won't have any idea what the truth is when it hits them upside the head.  It is like the newspapers 15+ years ago denying that the Internet was NOT going to impact their business.  Hmmmmm lots of newspapers are out of business.

IT is like blockbuster ignoring the trend of streaming video.  Guess what?  Netflix won that one.

This country is in some serious need of some common sense.  And some communication.  I have a friend that says we really just need to have people with some sense to them being listened too.  Guess what.  You should probably listen. 

Me too. 

PS not sure where I got this cartoon from.  If someone knows.  I will certainly give credit where it is due.  

Friday, July 31, 2015

When the Moon in the Sky looks like a big pizza pie
Shooting the moon can be challenging and getting it to look like you think it look takes a bit of photoshop.  But this was the moon last night and yes it was gorgeous.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Keep a Daily Journal.
I have been doing this life lesson thing now every Thursday for at least a year.  These thoughts are from some emails over the years and thoughts that I have written down as well.  

Today's Thursday Life Lesson is keep a daily journal.  

I do, I have, and I will continue to do so.

I cannot recommend this one highly enough.  Unless you do not care to improve who you are.  If you don't want to help your family grow as people.  If you do not want to remember the good things you do each day.  Especially those days that are awesome many years later.  

Seriously do this one thing.  Write down each day what was good.  Who you helped.

Not all of us have the same experiences and at the end of our lives the only thing we have to take back to God is our experiences in this life.  Yes I have done some very major sins.  Yes I have.  but I have also had some absolutely awesome joys.  My children being born, Celebrating aniversaries, Watching my Oldest do awesome at Speech, Listening to my Middle one fill a very large room with her awesome voice,  Having my son just grow and talking with him about stuff.  Walks with my wife.  These are items I need to write down.  I need to record these in my memory banks so that I can take them with me.  Only the memories can you take with you.  

How did this start?  Basically it started out as a diary.  It was in reaction to a injury a boss inflicted upon my work ethic.  Details on this do not matter.  But what came out of this was an introspection daily of who I am and where am I headed.  I started just putting in the diary my start times, my lunch periods, my ending time and small notes of what I accomplished.  Pretty soon I was putting goals of where I wanted to be.

Eventually this grew into a journal.  It has been going on now for 17 years or so.  I have a loads of old journals at home.  The kids can read them when I am gone.  If they care.  If they don't.  I really don't care.  

Where is this now?  
I still record what I accomplished each day.  But I also have goals, and my goals are specific for me.  But they are aimed at others.  Did I help my spouse today.  did I encourage her.  (Sometimes sadly this is no),  did I remember to take my blood pressure medicine?  Did I build up each of my children each day.  Sometimes this is as simple as just being in prayer over them and their lives.  My children don't even know how much that happens.  Not until they have children will they know.  Did I work towards my goals?  And lastly how was the day?  honestly?  I have some seriously horrible days.  horrible thoughts and actions.  I am honest with myself about these.  I record these and then I ask for forgiveness and try not to do that one again and just move on.

Journal.  Do it.  Seriously 

Monday, June 15, 2015

Pretty evening on the lake

Gorgeous evening on the lake hanging out with the kids and the wife taking pictures

Sunday, June 14, 2015

JoJo loves Helene
So JoJo the super puppy sleeps each night with Davey.  In the morning.  I frequently get him up and take him out and then he barrells into bed with Helene for some snuggling.  Helene is his favorite person by the way.

This week Helene has not been feeling too well.  Down right sick.  and JoJo has been concerned so he has been with her every moment that he can get to her.  Even forgoing his breakfast to make sure Helene is ok.

Last night Helene was having a severe coughing spell and went to sleep in a chair.  And eventually moved to a couch were she ended up most of the night.  Finally she had found a position that she could sleep in.

This morning.  I tip toed around the house.  Making my morning caffeine, eatting breakfast, getting Jojo up and so forth.  Took the super puppy outside for the morning routine.  Came inside.  He didn't see Helene there on the couch and I had closed the door to the bedroom so he couldn't go in and romp on her.  I didn't think about this at all.

I put out some food for him, finish my breakfast and start reading the news online.  Jojo skips breakfast and is sitting outside the bedroom door.  Pretty soon he is whining.  I didn't put two and two together at all.

"Jojo, come here" I said,  He is a good little dog so on my lap he is.  Whining still.  Just barely but whining.  He wants, No he needs to go make sure Helene is ok.  Helene is right there across the room from him on the couch sleeping but he doesn't know it yet.

I finally figured things out.  I start smiling and kind of giggling to myself.  and then it happens.
Helene stirs in her sleep, Jojo notices Helene and using my belly and groin as a launching pad.  JoJo the super dog launches himself across the room and in one fell swoop lands right on Helene's face to joyfully lick her awake and make sure she is fine.

He is now curled up with her.  Looking at me with accusing eyes 'How dare you have her out of her bed without me being there to protect her'

He still hasn't touched his breakfast and it doesn't look like he is going to move anytime soon.

Monday, June 01, 2015

Alerts on your Phone. What do Extreme, Severe and AMBER Alerts mean?
I was as annoyed as everyone else this morning when around 4am. My phone, my wives phone and our Daughters upstairs all went off with an AMBER alert. now normally I don't mind getting the AMBER alerts. I think this is an extremely useful tool for law enforcement to use to find someone. But the last three have turned out to be no big deal almost immediately. I know I know they were a big deal to the parents. I agree, and I love the system. I just don't want it going off at 4am unless it is just buzzing which I can sleep thru. Or at least ignore. There are some options here. But specifically the question of the morning from Dear wife was. I want to know when a Tornado is bearing down on me. But a thunderstorm. not so much. Finding the method for turning off the alerts is not to terribly difficult. But actually knowing what the difference is? Ok I will tell you. I took the time to google this and it took awhile so to make it short. 

Presidential Alerts - Cannot turn them off. Only to be used in a national emergency, Oh My Goodness the Aliens have landed situation. 

AMBER Alerts - We all know what these are. I think you should leave them turned on. 

Extreme Alerts - These are the tornado alerts. hurricane's etc... People are going to possibly lose a house and a life. 

Severe Alerts - These are your thunderstorms. I think you can safely turn these off. 

Oh how to get to the settings? Go into the Messaging App. Find the settings menu. Emergency Alerts and then probably Emergency Alerts again. You will see something like this.

  Have a great day everyone.
Tuesday, May 12, 2015

You can help Nepal just sitting at your computer.
Take some time. Spend some time. It really is the only thing you can never replace. Spend it on something that will benefit the world. I cannot take credit for the following text. I give that to another. But good idea after all. You could help with the (ongoing) aftermath of the Nepal earthquake. There are a couple of projects that need computer / mouse skill (if not development): clickity [^] Digitizing satelite images to find roads and so forth to help with the relief effort. Clickity[^] Spotting damaged and destroyed buildings, so relief workers know where to go. The former is a long process - you have to train. The second is pretty much "jump in a do it" - it's a consensual "this is a building, says 6 people" confidence thing. If you have the time, give it a try!


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